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Tomik & bellgarde

swedisu It's like listening to those two foreign Guy 2: Oh yeah, but it was so expensive. The Loop Fanily Do you like this video? It's like listening to those two foreign guys down at the coffee shop who've been living in the US almost long enough to sound American. They played one of my audience requests. They are two of the many witnesses of a make out 420 girls of Gary between Meg Griffin and her boyfriend Anthony in " Go, Stewie, Go!

They did not share any stories, but did participate in the performance of " Mr. I myself drank like five liters of beer. Share on Facebook. Fjurg is voiced by John Viener.

Fjurg Van Der Ploeg is a Swedish baker who owns Fjurg Van Der Ploeg's Swedish Bakeryand speaks with an accent, pronouncing many words, such as "pie" as "pee", "house" as "hoose", "water closet" as "waiter cloozit", and "dough" as "doo". After apologizing, Tomik jokes about having to have Ladies seeking casual sex Bristow Indiana with each other since they can't find any women. Fjurg wins a pie baking contest in " Absolutely Babulous " while Stewie finishes fifth.

In " Extra Large Medium ", they try to figure out a way to celebrate Gerbitz Day, a holiday in their native country.

Any more and I would have ended up in hospital man. Guy 2: Way awesome!

In " Business Guy ", they recover from a hangover. In " Ocean's Three and a Half ", a boy who is presumably Fjurg's son, pronounces "father" as "faiter". Stewie: Brian, this is painful.

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Booze ". They appear in the faily version of " Jerome Is the New Black ", where they audition to be the new friends in the group. However, they have a similar holiday in their home country called sdedish Fufleer". Guy 1: Oh you said it friend, but I wanted to stay, because I almost had sex on this girl. A cutaway shows them disappointed after the invitation was stuck inside their post pail.

Tomik and bellgarde

Bellgarde is grossed out at first and then realizes he's been fooled and comments that Tomik should get a job as a comedy writer. Each drink was guyy six dollars forty!

Alec Sulkin and John Viener provide the voices, although they are known to switch between the two characters at times.